Thursday, 21 June 2012

images of Redbridge Carnival 2012

Redbridge School of Gymnastics drew a large crowd!

Their death defying stunts drew much attention!

Striking poses as they balanced on one another...

RSG had a great presence in our procession their ribbons and cartwheels were stunning to watch.

Trophy winners for the second year - team leader Stephanie Thomas smiles with her girls!

All day Stephanie from RSG held a free Gymnastics workshop!

Winning is great!

Spartans Basketball Club won best Sports Participant Trophy!

An All female Basketball team showed real glamour exists in their sport!

Averley Twirlers showed off their massive collection of trophies!

The Spartan girls bossed the procession!

A packed Ilford was provided with info on the clubs successes..

Showing off the Spartans T-Shirt!

Shpresa girls at Carnival

It was all about Spartans for these girls!

Our Carnival Queen with the mascots..


An all day basketabll workshop was provided by Spartans free of charge for young children both days of Carnival.

The event was literally packed while these girls simply enjoyed themselves...

The Carnival Queen keeps the mascots warm with a big hug.

Shpresa Albanian Dance Group won two trophies!  Best dance Group [in procession] and the Dance competition!

This group knows how to celebrate!

Shpresa illustrated how current culture can be!

If you participated at Carnival please send us other pics to add to this post.  Thank You RSG.

Carnival trophy winners at our 2012 event!

Stephanie Thomas and the girls from Redbridge School of Gymnastics.

Another pose from a terrific team - Steph and her Girls illustrated how high the bar is for talent in Redbridge!

The Girls from Spartans Basketball Team.

Gorgeous girls show sports can be for everyone despite what the critics say!

The Yellow Advertiser sponsored Redbridge Carnival drew over 7000 visitors to Ilford Town Centre 4th - 5th March 2012.  The event which was moved backwards by 4 months to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee was the biggest so far under the reign of the existing committee - who revived carnival in the borough during 2007.
Winning participants in the carnival procession were awarded trophies this week and include;
Redbridge School of Gymnastics - "Best Walking Group"  

Chairman of Carnival Wilson Chowdhry said; "The Judges were impressed with their cartwheels and flips and the use of large gymnastics ribbons in jubilee colours"

Spartans Basketball Academy - "Best Sports Group"  

Wilson added "Spartans fielded the only female squad of Basketball players in the borough - they were well organised, I saw the girls play and they could challenge most boys to a good game and would probably win!"

Shpresa Albanian Dance Group "Best Dance Group"  

Wilson said "They also won our Dance competition trophy against stiff competition and have proven to be one of the best local dance groups in the borough for the second year"

Avely Twirlers "Best Majorettes Group" They also won the Twirler competition. 

Wilson said "Winning two trophies in a year is difficult but for two consecutive years nigh on impossible, yet Aveley Twirlers have proven they are the best in the business"

Newcomer Gateway Apostolic Church won  "Best Youth Group"
This years Community Champion was Muhammed Shoaib a local Business man who has given 5 years service to Redbridge Carnival.

Here is what the recorder said: