Saturday, 9 January 2010

Kajul Pahl our Carnival Queen leading protest against potential closure of A&E and Maternity Facility at King George Hospital

Campaigning is a serious process, however, it was great to be able to get people to have a jolly in the cold weather.
MP's, Councillors, the leader of the Council and Kajul Pahl our Carnival Queen challenged local people to sign the petition.

Cold weather could not stop the demonstration!

Just look at the ice on the floor! We refused to leave until the day was complete!

Over 50 people attended the event we just could not squeeze them into our camera. Sorry!

As with any event things are not always as organised as they would seem from photos. The event, however, was a great success!

Today to the fore of Ilford Town Hall, the Green Party organised what has to be recorded as a pivotal moment for the campaign against potential termination of Accident and Emergency Facility and Maternity Facility, at King George Hospital. The first All party protest against these closures was a great success.

Over 500 signatures were collected and many people learnt about the dastardly Redbridge PCT plans, for the first time. Wilson Chowdhry from the Green Party said:
"I would like to thank in particular the Readbridge Carnival Queen Kajul Pahl. She rallied people to the petition table and organised an orderly queue for the insistent people determined to show their apprehension to potential closures at King George Hospital. The fact that the Newspapers honed in on her and asked for her personal reasons for being involved - indicates how much of an ambassador she has become for the Borough. Without a doubt, I can categorically state Kajul attracted a large crowd, to what would otherwise have been a run of the mill event!"

Visitors to the event included:

Leader of the Council Cllr Keith Prince
Mike Gapes MP
Lee Scott MP Cllr Balvinder Saund
Cllr Lorraine Sladden (Redbridge Mayor 2008)
Cllr John Tyne
Kajul Pahl - Redbridge Carnival Queen
Mark Dawes - Redbridge and Waltham Forest Green Party Co-ordinator
Bob Archer -Hope Not Hate

and several other councillors......

Thank you to all that joined us - The Green Party will be arranging other events so why not view there blog at:
Do sign the on line petition (click here).

Friday, 8 January 2010

Mayors Parade 2010

Carnival Mascot Hannah Chowdhry - worn and withered by the end of the event. As cold as it was this adventurous 5 year old lasted the fierce adversity of the weather!
There were literally hundreds of participants from Redbridge groups at the event.
The Carnival team with the Redbridge Float - The three of us Rajeshri Chouhan (Court Chaperone) Kajul Pahl Carnival Queen and Wilson Chowdhry lead the procession. The Two Carnival Princesses Jesse Baker and Katie Woolnoth waved to the crowds on the Redbridge Float with Mascot Hanna Chowdhry.
Lovin it!
A Gatakha Sikh Sword Fighter passes by to impress later during the procession.
Great fun for all!
The Air cadets with Carnival Queen Kajul Pahl just before moving off for the parade.
Twice for luck!
Group Shot no.1 !
Group shot no.2!
Group shot number 3!
At the front left St John's ambulance, Front Right 241 Squadron Air Cadets, middle front Jam Dancers and Jive Dancers, the Police cadets are a little further back and we have the Sikh Sword fighters and Dholl Academy here too!
That's much better - we worked out placing the banner lower allowed more people to become visible! The Scouts are holding the arrangement of flags.
Its Jive dancers withe the Pom Poms!
The Police Cadets moved further forward!

Jive and Jam Dancers!

Redbridge Float with a Jazz Band and Steel Pan performance from the awesome Panultimate!
Jive Dancers to the fore of the Houses of Parliament.
Air Cadets from 241 Squadron outside the Houses of Parliament.
Panultimate Steel Pan Band and the Jazz Performers on the main Redbridge Float.
Like the yellow!

All's well that ends well!

Watch yourselves on the Road!
Everyone had a good day!
Where's the limo?
Banana Splits!
Wilson's off again! Well that's goodbye from us!
The event went awesomely well and Councillor Chan put in a lot more effort than previous Mayors. He has proven to be one of the most charming individuals to hold the role and this year in office has been a real treat. It will be a shame to see him go in the summer and the Redbridge Carnival team wishes all the best of success for the future.