Thursday 25 August 2011

Whale of a Time at Redbridge Carnival

Local Residents urged to visit Whale of a Time at Redbridge Carnival

Award Winning Eco-Warrior Irene Schleining, founder of Whale of a Time is asking residents to get down and dirty at Redbridge Carnival as she uses creative arts to connect the community with nature and wildlife.

The Whale of a Time Workshop will be arriving in Redbridge for the first time ever at Redbridge Carnival held on September 10th and 11th 2011 at Valentines Park.

“We provide a fun and hands-on activity where young and old are able to model whales and other endangered species out of clay and at the same time learn about the environment, biodiversity and sustainability whilst having a whale of a time!

Participants will make a model of endangered animal and/or plant species. Participants can not only explore their knowledge about endangered species but also investigate ways we can actively change our behaviours towards a sustainable society with less impact on the environment and find ways to take steps to preserve endangered species.”

Director of Whale of a Time Irene Schleining commented;

“We met with the Redbridge Carnival Committee this week and were pleased to mutually agree a commission to undertake our programme at an event that seeks to bring community together in a positive manner. Their focus on community and preserving the environment is similar to ours and we hope that our being present will add a new dimension to an already successful event, whilst challenging local people to preserve our ecosystem.”

The Whale of a Time Workshop has won the Making a Big Difference Award 2010 and NHS Community Wellbeing Competition 2010. It has been nominated for the London Peace Awards 2010, the Archant London Business Awards 2010 and the Archant London Environmental Awards 2009. Recently Whale of a Time has been nominated for the Future Friendly Awards 2011.

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Have a whale of a time! ;)

Your Whale of a Time Community

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